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Stainless Steel Tube Shield, Hanger Strip 1. Process:Stamping or Casting 2. Material: SS310S, SS309S, SS304, SS321 and etc. The tube shields are mainly used on the windward side of heating surface pipes such as superheater, reheater, economizer and water wall pipe of boiler, and also on the induced draft fan.Its main function is to protect the wind surface of boiler pipe, reduce pipe wear and increase the service life of heating surface pipe.Tube Shield is a special accessory for boiler, which is mostly used in power station boiler, but less used in small boiler, and also used in some coal chemical industry.

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U-type resistant shield

The service life of tube shields is has a great relationship with the selected material. Generally, high quality tube shields such as 310S have a longer service life. The normal service life of tube shield is an overhaul cycle (3-5 years). Generally, the boiler will replace or add some parts every time it is overhauled. The main parts to be replaced are those with serious wear, thinning and exceeding the standard. And also which fall off during the operation of the boiler, because the installation is not fire. During replacement, according to the wear condition of the anti-wear pad, if the thinning is serious, it needs to be replaced, if the deformation is serious, and it can not protect the pipe, it also needs to be replaced. In addition, some boiler tubes are not equipped with anti-wear pads, but it is found that the tubes are worn and thinned during the regular inspection of the boiler. Usually, anti-wear pads are also installed to prevent further wear of the tubes and cause serious consequences such as boiler tube burst.

Cast Straight And U-type resistant shields

Both cast and pressure machine anti-wear shields are often used in power plants to protect boiler pipes from damage. Each has its own advantages. The pressure machine tube shields have low manufacturing cost and a short production cycle. The cast tube shields have better wear resistance.

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